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Jakky Sangster is Consultante Montessori internationale. Elle a été formée par l'Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) sur l'ensemble des cycles:0-3 ans, 
3-6 ans, l'élémentaire. Elle a dédié presque 50 ans de sa vie à la compréhension et la mise en oeuvre de la pédagogie Montessori en tant que professeur, administratrice et consultante dans des école du monde entier: Etats-Unis, Europe, Asie et Afrique.
Par ailleurs, elle a enseigné dans des collèges et lycées, toujours en mettant en oeuvre la pédagogie Montessori dans son approche éducative.
En tant que consultante, son travail c'est d'accompagner les parents, enseignants et membres de l'administration à travailler de concert pour pour mieux comprendre les besoins de l'enfant et les aider à devenir indépendants et autonomes

Ifeoma ou Ephy est Nigérienne et anglophone. Elle est titulaire d'un diplôme en Economie, et d'un diplôme universitaire en Education. Elle est formé en tant qu'éducatrice Montessori pour les enfants de 3 à 12 ans. En tout, elle a plus de 12 ans d'expérience sur les 3 cycles d'enseignement.

Par ailleurs elle a participé à de nombreux ateliers et séminaires en Education et sur le Développement de l'Enfant afin d'encore mieux accompagner les enfants qu'elle encadre.

Elle a travaillé 10 ans au Nigeria dans une école Montessori. Elle a été éducatrice dans des classes 3-6 ans, 6-9 ans et 9-12 ans. 

Elle est dynamique, toujours positive, et croit en le credo que la créativité permet de rendre l'enseignement ludique et agréable.

Fairouz is Franco-Moroccan. She has studied and worked in different countries in Middle East North Africa region, East Africa, Europe and in the Antilles. She is English, French, and Arabic speaker. 


She has completed her AMI elementary training at the Washington Montessori Institute and holds a master degree in Education at Loyola University of Maryland. Before falling in love with the Montessori method, She has also been a certified teacher as a professeur des écoles in the French education system where she taught for 3 years. That experience nurtured in her the passion for changing the world of education and for applying Maria Montessori’s idea in the 21stcentury.


 She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, hiking, yoga, animal lover, contemporary art and history lover, botany explorer, gardener lover among other things.

Jackly is Nigerian. She is English speaking.

She holds a degree in Adult Education from University of Nigeria.

She has been trained on child development, child protection, child education and special education.

She is a Montessori guide for Early Childhood, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary.

She received her training from the Modern Montessori Institute in London, UK, and from the Houston Montessori Center, in the United States.

She has over 12 years of experience in working with children, and 10 years in a Montessori setting.

Ajan is Nigerian and English speaking.

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English & Literary Studies and received her AMI International Montessori Diploma(3-6),  from the Maria Montessori Training College,  London in 2008. 

She spent her formative years growing up in London the daughter of a diplomat father and a Montessori teacher mother. She realized early in life that she had an affinity and great love for young children.

Ajan has had varied work experience as a print journalist and a Public/Media Relations manager in the banking sector in Nigeria. She has over 10 years experience in the classroom and has taught as lead guide in Montessori Schools in London, Belgium and Nigeria.

Ajan's interests include reading, art, music, film, travel, photography, museums, history and culture. She especially enjoys singing, art and doing craft with the children.

Gloria is Peruvian. She speaks fluently Spanish and English.

Gloria spent her early years in the Peruvian Andes.

She enjoyed a true privileged childhood, pampered with the attention, and benefits of growing up in a large family setting, and in a small town.  She was granted unconditional support and opportunity to explore her surroundings.

She graduated in Financial and Accounting Sciences following her father’s steps.

She found her passion of working with children in 1999, since then, she has been enjoying the pleasure to be at the service of children, traveling around different countries working with exclusive diplomatic families, business leaders, political figures, etc.

Later on she settled in Washington DC USA, where she took the AMI Montessori training (primary 0 to 6) at WMI Washington Montessori Institute, then earned a Master’s degree in Montessori Education, at Loyola University, Baltimore MD.  

Currently she is looking forward to start her PhD in Montessori Education, and to continue the developing of “Montessori Missions” a non-profit project in the benefit of underprivileged children and educators around the globe. 

Haritha is from India and she is English speaking.

She graduated with her AMI Educator diploma from India.


She has over 16 years of teaching experience, and 10 years of experience as a Montessori guide

She has always had a passion and keen interest in the Montessori Method. She is soft and sensitive by nature. She is a trained Kuchipudi (1 of the fine dance form of India) dancer. She loves singing. Drawing, painting, art and craft, and Zentangling are few of the things she loves to do.

Grace is British Nigerian and  english speaking.

She graduated with a National diploma in Mass Communication, hols several degrees in Education and obtained her International Diploma in Montessori teaching in the UK.

She has 12 years of experience in teaching and child education.

Libby is Filippino and english speaking.

She holds a Master degree in Special Education.

She received her International Montessori training for children 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12.

She has several years of experience in teaching both in Koweit and Philippines.

Libby is creative, level-headed and easy-going. She loves arts, music and traveling.

Agnes was born in the Philippines. She is both an English and Tagalog speaker.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a major in Marketing, and she is holder of Early Childhood Montessori Diploma.

She has 2 years exemplary record working in a 3-6 environment as an Assistant Teacher and is  a mother of 2 lovely children.  

Agnes, prior to joining Planete Montessori was a multi task, people oriented person with distinctive track record as a Human Resource professional from well known reputable companies in the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The love for children and the passion to bring out the best in each and every child motivated her to pursue a career in teaching young children. " I genuinely believed in following the child's method in a Montessori environment and that surprisingly, by the end of the day, it is not just the children who learns from the adult, it is mainly the adult who learns from the children. “ My experiences with children are extraordinary and they never fail to amuse me each and every single time, which made it rewarding and priceless.  

Magida is French and french speaking.

She graduated with a DUT Business and marketing degree from the university of Lyon, France.

She quickly became interested in young children development and education. Keen on children well-being and natural development of the child, she quickly became interested in Montessori pedagogy.

She received her AMI Educator diploma from the Maria Montessori Superior Institute of Lyon. Among other teaching experiences, she has taught as a guide in Geneva within a Foundation for children with specific needs.

With her kind and caring personality Magida is always seeking the children’s well being.

Her credo is « Education is a powerful  tool to promote peace » Maria Montessori.

Amel is French and french speaking.

She receives the Maître des Ecoles training from the Institut Libre de formation des Maîtres, in Lyon, France.

She received her AMI Educator diploma from the Maria Montessori Superior Institute of Lyon. She has 7 years of teaching experience.

With her soft and caring personality Amel is always seeking the children’s well being. The child's development is her top priority.

She believes in positive education.

Virginie is French.


She is a French Professeur des Ecoles, national French teacher for Kindergarten and Elementary.


She has several years of experience in teaching in Kindergarten and CP (1st year of Elementary).

Pamela is French and French speaking.

She has been trained to teach for the international French schools of Morocco.


She has experience teaching in the primary and elementary international French school of Marrakech (Ecole Renoir), at different levels including CM2.

Hasnaa is Moroccan. She speaks Arabic and French. She holds a degree in preschool education and in graphic design.

Hasnaa is a patient, meticulous and energetic young woman. She has over 14 years of experience as a teacher among several schools. Her experience and enthusiasm about her work make her a committed and thoughtful teacher.

Hasnaa truly believes in her role as a teacher. She knows how to retain the children’s attention and adapt very well to all situations. She always make sure to raise their interest for the world they live in.

Zahra is Moroccan. She speaks Arabic and French.

She graduated with a DEUG in Arabic Literature from the University of Agadir, Morocco.

She has several years of experience as a teacher in Moroccan schools.

Stephan is French.

He started studying music when he was 9, in Paris. He studied piano and reading music with several teachers and within different schools including the Schola Cantorum in Paris and the MAI in Nancy.

He played piano for numerous famous French artists such as Johnny Hallyday, Shym, Elsa. He also played in the Star Academy's orchestra, he accompanied at the piano several artists for their  TV promotion, such as Jennifer, Patrick Bruel, Roch Voisine, Elodie Frégé, Julie Zenatti, Amel Bent and many others.

Based in Marrakech with his family for several years, he now composes film music for Moroccan and International companies.

He shares his passion for music with the children at Planete Montessori in music classes for beginners.


Gabriel is French.

He received 5 gold medals from the Conservatoire de Paris. Overall he won 93 international first prizes in piano, saxophone, accordion, singing and orchestra director.

He has been teaching music in several Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary schools in France, and at the Conservatoire as well.

He also worked as an artistic director for Universal and Sony.

He now has his own music school in Marrakech.


Yassin is French and speaks French and Arabic.

He is a trained professional for children and teenagers. Yassin holds a BPJEPS diploma and a BAFA diploma, giving him training as a recreational sports educator for children and young people.

He has experience as a  youth  worker for children 6 to 11 years old  and as a sports educator within associations and sports centers welcoming children of all ages.

Currently he is achieving his certification in sports psychology and mental preparation.

Through his pedagogy he always promotes sports values such as team-spirit, humility, self-confidence  and hard work.