Targa Location

Lotissement Amine,

n°8, Targa, Marrakech.

Agdal Location

Lotissement Palm tree paradise n°5. Mechouar Essaid 




Site Targa:

+212 6 62 63 24 03


Site Agdal:

+212 6 23 86 14 29





Monday - Friday

From 8am to 5pm

Closed on Saturday and Sunday


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 1-3 years old cycle


Sensitive phases:


The environment set-up carefully prepared by the guide every day, is specifically designed to respond to the specific needs of the children during these sensitive phases.


We focus on:  


The child’s sense of order: Order allows the child to achieve a basic sense of security. The Montessori environment meets the child's need for order by making sure materials are stored in the same place every day.



Motor development: "practical life" and "sensory life".

The purpose of the practical life is to fulfill the child's plea: “Help me to do it myself ! Young children are eager to do things on their own like adults do. The exercises of the practical life help children to improve their motor skills, develop their concentration and become independent.



Children’s five senses are stimulated by the Montessori sensory materials, fostering activity and creativity. Repeating activities helps building children’s gross and fine motor skills.


Language: a trilingual school, nomenclature, books, songs, theater, ...  


Social behavior: Multi-age grouping is a key factor  of the Montessori pedagogy. A positive and constructive multi-age group ensures that children have the opportunity to work with students that are at a different level academically or from an ability point of view. Older children get to teach younger students which builds their self confidence a sense of responsibility. Also Children will interact with external actors for activities such as music and sports.