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Cosmic Education at Planete Montessori

The cultural area of a the montessori classroom covers variety of subjectsGeography, science, history, botany and zoology. physics, earth science and social studies.Art and music are also considere a part of cultural subject. The cultural studies is another subject that makes the montessori classroom different from other ones.It provides children with an opportunity to explore the larger world. As part of a rich exploration of the different cultures of the world, students learn about the people, habitats and animals of each continent as they study them in the course of the three-year cycle. Cultural Studies also introduces children to the physical world that surrounds them, providing them with the opportunity to explore real things, and learn the scientific names for plants and animals.

In the elementary classroom 80 precent of the school day is spent on basics: reading, writing and mathematics. Montessori is not separating this from the cultural studies: science, botany history, geography is integrated

The montessori used the thematic approach to education, in which we focus our entire studies around one given theme or topic at a time.

How parents can collaborate?

•Keep an eye for wonderful little treasures that reflects another culture or your own that is rarely seen (books, pictures, paintings etc)

•When you go on trips, bring back something (postcards, artifacts) and donate to the class.

•Have a study area set up at home – table/chair, books, encyclopedia, dictionary, resource books, world books, desktop with child protection internet. To help encourage cultural studies at home.

•Encourage friends to watch documentation.

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