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Newsletter extract Neptune class

We wanted to share with you an extract of our 2nd term Newsletter for Neptune class (environment 3-6):

"We welcomed members of Neptune back after the first term holidays, in January, and got straight to work. As the class has continued to evolve it has been a joy to see the children settle and become true owners of their Children's House! They have become more independent with their choices of work and English vocabulary is increasing and improving.

We started the year with many birthdays. Mayson and Dina were 3 in January, Noor and Aïcha 6 in February, and Sofia and Leil turned 4, also in February. Maria celebrated her 5th birthday in March.

Our five year olds continue to consolidate their reading. The old adage, "practice makes perfect", is a principle that we live by in our Children's House. Practice, practice, practice! Read, read, read!!!! The more the children read the more words they are exposed to, the more words they recognize and the better and more fluent readers they become. Along with our giant strides in reading, we are continuing to develop our Mathematical minds. From our counting rhymes and songs, to the Red Rods, Number Rods and Sandpaper Numbers, we are discovering our love for numbers. :-)) Our five year olds have started the basic operations of addition and subtraction with the materials.

It's been a busy term. We had Reading Night, Brilliant Book Day, Valentine's Day and Artisans Day. Neptune children participated actively in all these activities, also dressing up as their favorite book characters and bringing their favorite books to school.

By far the highlight of the term was our class visit to Akkalino, a Pedagogical Farm just outside Marrakech. The excitement was palpable, right from arrivals at school, to getting on the bus and getting to go somewhere without our Mummy's and Daddy's. For most of our children it was their first trip without their parents and we congratulate them for behaving so well throughout the day.

At the farm, Mr Moe showed us how to feed the horses, goats, chickens, rabbits and ducks. We saw turtles and some beautiful peacocks. We also learnt about two kinds of energy - wind and solar- and what it can do for us in our every day lives. We made wind vanes and bread. Moe was a very good host, treating us to "Moroccan pizza", mint tea and delicious couscous for lunch! It was such a fun day! "

Article written by Miss Ajan Agbor, Montessori guide 3-6 environment for 2nd term 2019-2020

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