Let’s start this new year by sharing with you the highlights of our recent Winter Potluck Festival, which turned out to be a fantastic moment of joy, creativity, and community celebration.

Parents, children, and staff came together to mark the end of the first trimester. The event was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation in a wide array of activities. We value the bonds we share with each and every one of you, and this event was a beautiful expression of that unity.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization of this memorable evening, with a special appreciation for Palmeraie Animations and all the talented artists who graced us with their presence.

Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to our partners for supporting our incredible lottery. Congratulations to all the winners! Your participation made the event even more exciting, and we appreciate your contribution to the festive spirit.

We look forward to many more such moments in the future and thank you all for making this event truly special. Wishing you and your families a fantastic New Year.