Empowering growth and adaptability: the montessori school approach

“Let’s not raise our children for today’s world. This world will not exist when they grow up; and nothing allows us to know which world will be theirs : so let them learn to adapt.” This is the core of our Montessori School’s pedagogy approach.

Dr Maria Montessori’s method was founded on the basis of a scientific observation of children. She discovered that children go through different stages of development and developed a suitable environment for each age group. The child is considered as a whole. It was important for Maria Montessori to work on all children’s abilities in all their dimensions: physical, social, intellectual and emotional within a group & a society.

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The foundations of montessori school pedagogy are:

Mixed-age classes

which help to stimulate social behavior, foster collaboration, develop the exchange of ideas and interaction within a group.

A three-hour work cycle

without interruption. The child will have in this time the opportunity to develop concentration, and to repeat the concepts and thus to perfect himself and develop his potential.

A prepared environment

is one of the core components of the pedagogy because it allows the child to develop and express his potential. Montessori School’s materials encourage self-directed activities for children, help build their internal order, engage their curiosity, invite exploration and self-correction. Maria Montessori wrote “The first aim of the prepared environment is, as far as it is possible, to render the growing child independent of the adult”.

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A trained adult

in a Montessori environment is also essential. He will guide the child on the path of learning with accuracy and discretion, so that the child develops his confidence and abilities.

The freedom to choose his activity within limits

allows the child to be independent in the classroom, while taking responsibility. He develops in an environment that combines both freedom and discipline. This « freedom », offers children the opportunity to follow their interests, to demonstrate self discipline, to develop their inner freedom, and thus to thrive and be happier.