Safety and Well-being Commitment at Planete Montessori International School

At Planete Montessori International School, safeguarding the children, young people and adults we work with is our main priority. In line with this, we are committed to making sure that everybody stays and feels safe and comfortable in our premises, or taking resolute action to resolve any situation where this is not the case. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of abuse, including bullying and discrimination. Therefore, when incidents do occur, we will follow established disclosure and reporting procedures to ensure the incident is dealt with and the situation is resolved.

At Planete Montessori International School, we are committed to break the current stigma and work with all our children, young people and adults to support them in their health, learning and growth.

To ensure clarity and transparency, we have established several policies that guide our daily operations and interactions within the school community. From academic integrity, student conduct, to health and safety or even our learning and teaching approaches our policies are designed to foster a culture of respect, responsibility, and collaboration. We encourage parents and students to familiarize themselves with our policies to uphold the values of our school and contribute to a positive educational experience for everyone.