A word from our Head of School

” Planete Montessori International School‘s goal is to provide a dedicated space, the right support and the opportunity for our kids to develop the love of learning through the philosophy and materials of Dr Maria Montessori.

Our Montessori International School experience is a real asset, it trains the adults of tomorrow to be independent, curious, motivated and respectful of the environment. Tomorrow’s challenges are easier to hold and to achieve, when we grow, children are aware of their abilities to constantly improve. A child who has a high self esteem leads a more serene life.

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At PMIS the development of our students is at the heart of our education programme. Our team works every day to strengthen international standards and is very proud to announce that we have received the accreditation of the International Baccalaureate for the Primary Years Programme (PYP for 3-12 years).

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Our community evolves in a kind and trilingual environment where everyone can thrive. English is the main language of study and we also teach Arabic and French. This multilingual environment allows your children to develop an intercultural awareness and cultivate the tools necessary for an ever changing world.

The entire structure of our school, from the curriculum, the way the classroom is set up, to the specific ways in which the teacher interacts with children, is designed to promote and encourage children to think for themselves, to discover, to make mistakes and learn from their own mistakes. Children grow up feeling confident and with a better understanding of the world around them.

We are convinced that it is necessary to develop in children a wide range of human skills and responsibilities which encompass intellectual, personal, emotional, and social development.

Working together within our stimulating environment fosters positive relationships, empathy and tendency to share “