Cultivating a love for reading: explore our school library

Even in the digital age, there is no substitute for books. They are the source of knowledge and are the most important aspect of our education.

Our school library is a wonderful place to encourage reading and studying. Our learners can relax, read a book and do their research and projects without being disturbed.

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Our library is open for all classes from 9 am to 4.30 pm. It is the heart of the school, where the space has been set up to enable each child to easily find the themes they want to work on, and the classification is done by theme, by language, and by level. All learners can borrow or read books.

A librarian, Ms Uzma is always in the library to help, support and guide our learners in their research and projects.

The school library is a peaceful and quiet place and allows our children to thrive. They also have the possibility to use it during recess time to read or simply enjoy their artistic activities, like drawing or crafting.