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Family partnership and involvement for lifelong learning

When families are engaged in their child’s school life, kids develop a love of learning that will expand their knowledge base and sense of wonder.

Therefore, at PMIS, our community meets regularly for events throughout the school year. By creating strong bonds between school and the family environment, we develop a family partnership spirit and a harmonious atmosphere around the child.

Family partnerships

Planete Montessori International School holds several conferences during the year. These are led by our Montessori educators or by specialists who we invite to come and share their expertise to strengthen our Family Partnership with the parents. These conferences are educational, informative and interactive, allowing for sharing on various topics. Here are some examples :

  • How to develop the mathematical mind in children.

  • Teach me to think for myself 6/12 years old.

  • The development of the child’s brain, a current scientific perspective on Montessori pedagogy.

  • The school that makes you want to learn, with the author of the best sellers on Montessori pedagogy, Charlotte Poussin.

Coffee Mornings

A moment of sharing over a coffee to discuss various issues related to education.

Other events

  • Storytelling night

  • Family concert

  • Night of the stars

  • Exhibitions

  • Cultural Day

  • Book fair

  • And much more !

School trips

Organized during the year for all children, field trips help to give meaning to learning by promoting direct contact with the natural or cultural environment, and confronting the learning with reality. Field trips are one of the best tools that we can use to provide children with real-world experiences. Whether it’s a trip to a library, a farm, a museum, a theater, a bank or to the local grocery store, each experience that the child participates in contributes to an understanding of the world.

Linguistic and cultural exchanges are also first-hand experiences which constitute a valuable and effective means of discovering cultural similarities and differences.


Our children ages 9 to 15 have the opportunity to participate in the annual Montessori Model United Nations Conference, and act as Montessori representatives of the United Nations. This exceptional program helps children to realize that they can have an impact on the world they live in and make it a better place. The resolutions that are voted by the children during their collaborative work at this conference are then transmitted to the United Nations.

End of school year show

During this event, which closes the school year, the children showcase all the work carried out during the year with their music teacher and their Montessori educators in artistic expression. This performance is also an opportunity for children to share with their parents their pleasure of singing, playing music, dancing or doing theater. They also develop their confidence by performing from an early age in front of an audience.