Elementary Montessori School (6 to 12 years old)

The lower Elementary Montessori School (6 to 9 years old )

“The elementary child has reached a new level of development. Before he was interested in things: working with his hands, learning their names. Now he is interested mainly in the how and why…the problem of cause and effect.” – Maria Montessori

In our Elementary Montessori School, elementary aged children typically can be characterized by their curious minds, their ability to abstract and imagine, their moral and social orientation and their energy for research and exploration.

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The upper Elementary Montessori School (9 to 12 years old )

At this age children want to know why the Universe is as it is, how it came to be that way, and are ready to dig into a deeper layer of understanding. In our Elementary Montessori School’s 9-12 yo classes, our learners independently design and follow a work plan each day, Children manage their time & document their own progress with their teacher’s guidance.

Upper elementary growth focus

  • Critical mind

  • Mathematical mind

  • Moral independence

  • Intellectual independence

  • Science

  • Artistic expression

  • Problem solving

  • Public speaking

The (9-12) curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • Language/Grammar/Spelling/Poetry

  • Math/Geometry/Algebra

  • Physics & Biology

  • Social studies (History/Geography)

  • Koding

  • Arts, Music, Permaculture

  • Physical education

  • Chemistry